December 10, 2016

Become a Member

Members of the American Legion Auxiliary are women of action, who are relatives of our nation’s heroes. Nationally, there are nearly than 750,000 members; ALA Unit 1 in DC has 10 members.

We welcome you to come to any of our events or to a meeting. While each Auxiliary unit focuses on the same mission, every unit is slightly different. Come see if ALA Unit 1 in DC is a good fit for you! We guarantee you’ll have fun.

It’s a privilege to be part of ALA Unit 1 in DC.—Joanna

If you are a woman who is closely related to a veteran, or a female veteran, who served during a conflict period (World War I or later), you may be eligible to be join! The Auxiliary is a dues-based organization, and our dues are either $15 or $30 annually, depending upon age. Email us at to learn more.

Note: We welcome you to volunteer with us, regardless if you are a member of, or even eligible to be a member of, the Legion Family. (The Legion Family includes members of The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, American Legion Riders and the Sons of the American Legion.) For details about our volunteer opportunities, visit our Volunteer with Us page.

10 people stand together for a group photo.

Post 1 Family with then-National Commander James Koutz at 2013 Department of DC’s National Commander Luncheon