Serving veterans, servicemembers, their families and the metro DC area.

Our Focus

Our service is broken up into four focus areas.
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Veteran and Servicemember Support

Providing practical and emotional support, as well as advocating for, veterans and servicemembers.

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Family Support

Providing practical and emotional support to the families of stateside and deployed servicemembers and veterans.

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Youth Development

Promoting educational programs and scholarships.

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Participating in and providing meaningful volunteer opportunities that serve the military and veteran community.

Looking to volunteer? Check out our calendar to see how you can serve with us.

About Us

Advocating for the milvet community; promoting patriotism, good citizenship, peace and security.

American Legion Auxiliary members are women committed to volunteerism and service to veterans, servicemembers and their families. We are especially passionate about serving the metro DC area military and veteran community (milvet community), because we are part of this community.

Our service, be it in a group or individually, brings civilians and the milvet community together to provide meaningful service opportunities, as well as provides practical and emotional support to veterans, servicemembers and their families. We also collaborate with other service-oriented groups in the metro DC area to best serve the milvet community.

We are part of a network of nearly 8,500 ALA chapters across the world, in every state and territory, as well as six foreign countries. Nationally, our membership is nearly 750,000 members.

  • Our members averaged nearly 100 volunteer hours in the 2015-2016 programming year. (Based on total number of hours reported, divided by the total number of members.)

  • We’ve been nationally recognized two years in a row as having the best community service program in our region. As well as twice for having the best program supporting military families in our region.

  • One-third of our membership is female veterans eligible in their own right, and our average age is nearly 15 years younger than the Auxiliary’s national average age.

  • We strive to offer the traditional, in-person ALA member experience, while incorporating social media and the latest technology innovations.

Our Leadership Team

Serving in one-year volunteer terms, these ladies ensure we are fulfilling our mission.

Victoria Pridemore

–Eligible through her military service during the current conflicts in the Army.

–Charter member.

Lauren Lloyd

Vice President
–Eligible through her husband’s service during the current conflicts in the Air Force.

–Charter member.


Secretary and Treasurer

Ruth Riegsecker

–Eligible through her daughter’s service during Lebanon/Grenada in the Army.

–Charter member.





Member Profiles

Our Auxiliary members are women from every generation and are family members of veterans who have served in every conflict since World War I.

Are you a woman related to a veteran, or a female veteran? You could be eligible to join!

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