Veterans’ Family Members Start DC Auxiliary Unit

December 29, 2012
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Veterans’ Family Members Start DC Auxiliary Unit

WASHINGTON, DC—Thirteen women come together to honor the military service of their husbands, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, in order to pay it forward through service to veterans, their families and the community. Several are also veterans themselves.

Creation of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 1 in DC was authorized by The American Legion Post 1 of the Department of DC, the oldest post in the country, on November 29, 2012. The American Legion Auxiliary is the world’s largest women’s patriotic service organization. Membership is comprised of wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters of veterans who served our country during times of war. Female veterans are eligible for membership in their own right.

Charter member Joanna Truitt, eligible through the service of her father, said, “It’s a privilege to be part of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 1.”

Unit 1 now awaits formal approval by the state and national levels of the Auxiliary, which is expected by mid-January 2013.

Charter members include Victoria Pridemore (president), Debbie Chen (vice president), Sharon Riegsecker (secretary/treasurer), Eman Alkindi, Laura Casey, Lauren Lloyd, Patricia Marshall, Barbara Riegsecker, Janet Riegsecker, Ruth Riegsecker, Tamara Shumate, Allie Truitt and Joanna Truitt.

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 1 is the District of Columbia’s newest women’s patriotic service organization. Unit 1, formally chartered in 2013, is committed to serving veterans, their families and the DC community. For more information on the American Legion Auxiliary and Unit 1’s programs and members, please visit


Photos of ALA Unit 1 in DC’s formation.

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